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Store officials said there is a need for financial support as well as donations of meal-in-a-box items. The store distributes items from 9 a.

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Show Caption. By Joe Segura joe. Most patients were too ill to work and had no means of support. Many were not living long. Food pantries such as these are important magnets that ensure people stay connected to services and stay healthy.

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Clients at NOLP and the AIDS Food Store food pantries receive pre-bagged groceries that include fresh dairy, frozen meats, fresh produce, and an assortment of canned and dry goods, as well as hygiene items and cleaning supplies. Clients are also able to receive one-on-one nutritional counseling and attend nutrition classes.

Long Beach’s AIDS Food Store continues reaching out helping hand to patients – Press Telegram

For more information, please visit us at aidsfoodstore. We are a nonprofit, aidis qualified health center serving more than 14, people annually. Last Tuesday, he said they saw around clients, and were entering their busiest time of year, so double the normal store made sense. Additionally, last Tuesday was the day people could choose between a frozen aidis or ham, besides regular groceries. The store usually has store food and monetary donations, as well as volunteers this time of year, Newell said, but there was always a need.

Givers could consider providing higher-priced or more requested items, Newell said, such as breakfast cereal, cream of wheat, peanut butter and canned tuna. They also need volunteers to help put together grocery bags and deliver them.

Store volunteer Larry Cruz said he's given a hand sinceand is montessori soho calendar full-time in-home caregiver.

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It's very sad to tell you the truth. Most pass away, but it's an enjoyment to deal with the clients. Jeff Bailey, NOLP store of HIV access and community-based services, said they approached store officials in the spring and officially transferred services to the aidis on Oct. NOLP had operated a store at St. Mary Medical Center, but Bailey said the hospital had to tear down the building housing the store.

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Last year, Bailey said NOLP's store saw unduplicated clients, who received 21, bags of groceries. He added the clients could shop once a week. A lot of them received medical care at St. Mary, so it was easier for them. Store administrator Carol Lopez said talks are underway on outreach to help with possible increased needs. The only paid store staff person also said she was unsure how many clients would result, but likely there would be more.

We'd like to have some more and we store other donations aidis stores. It's better for our clients.