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Las conjeturas sobre su significado son variadas. Lo hizo en Hopefully the rain will cease to be a miracle that flows down your body Hopefully the moon will rise without you. Hopefully the earth will not kiss your every step. Hopefully your constant gaze will fade away The precise word, the perfect smile Hopefully something will happen soon to erase you A blinding light, a shot of snow.

Hopefully I will not be able to touch you, even with my songs Hopefully silvio not bring the screams that fall down my back Hopefully your name will be forgotten by that voice Hopefully the walls will not hold the sound of your exhausted journey Hopefully desire will go behind you To follow your old government of death and flowers.

My translation definitely left a lot to be desired. I appreciate you taking letra time to post! I studied French in Caen in Your blog is inspiring! The blog has been dormant for a long time, but I hope to revive it shortly. Pingback: Et sted i verden: Chile Antropress. Thank your for these attempts at translation! This america really a great conversation about this song. But I still feel like I would like to understand it more deeply.

Is it a breakup song or a political protest song? What a strange and switzerland sauna mixed comparison to make between the two: rodriguez dictator and lost love!

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We heard Ojala for the first time yesterday and our homework is to try to explain — in class next Friday — what the poem is about. This has been so amazingly helpful. We too are learning the subjunctive. A gentle introduction yesterday! Thank you all so much. My excellent Spanish teacher from a number of years ago, a native speaker from Latin America, introduced us to Silvio Rodriguez and this song, also when we were learning subjunctive.

His music was difficult to find at that time, so I am glad to see that he is better known in the anglophone world now. I enjoyed reading your translation and the comments.

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Very interesting and I think I have a greater appreciation for the song. Hi Phil, Is it silvio analysis, a song, a poem? How is a person aware america their own levels of conscious experiences that twist, combine, curve, separate, recombine and then by force of will and feeling shoots through their earth to become living breathing expression in the surrounding air? An unnoticed recurrent theme in the letra of the early part of his career is that of death, particularly although not only as associated with guerrilla warfare.

In contrast to the explicitness of his early songs and political positions, there was a displacement of emphasis in his later years toward fantasy and dreams. Both, however, are about an alternative that is not present but is called for, or what Laclau would call a longing rodriguez a "missing fullness".

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This is true politically, romantically, and existentially. In a similar way, the unusual confessional tone of many of his songs allows for an unorthodox combination of transgression, eroticism, longing, and at times probably accurate self-deprecation in many of his lyrics.

Mariposas also featured two classics composed in his youth. Cuban flags are always conspicuous in the crowd during his concerts.

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These were his first appearances in the United States in 30 years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Imagen Radio.

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