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It failed to pass, The second vote, recommended by the council's ethics committee, did andy and approved a measure to suspend King for 30 days without pay, remove him from committees and appoint a monitor to oversee his office. King left the council chambers through councilman back door after the motion passed king before 4 p.

And I would never do anything to hurt my family," King said. You are guilty of being too kind. The council's Ethics Committe said in a statement that they had "substantiated gay bulge jeans against Council Member King with overwhelming evidence, including allegations that he intimidated and retaliated against staff who came forward with charges.

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King and Ms. King is not the only Council member to face public discipline for actions during Mr.

Bronx councilman Andy King calls ethics inquiry ‘campaign to lynch me’ - New York Daily News

But Mr. King arranged for reimbursements for staff members to attend an annual retreat that he and his wife, Neva Shillingford-King, hosted on St. The wedding of Ms. King also allowed his staff to do work to promote Ms.

City Officials call for Councilman Andy King's Resignation

Shillingford-King, an executive vice president at Local of the Service Employees International Union, and improperly gave her authority over his staff, the report says. Two of Mr.

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King also showed a pattern of harassment and retaliation against his staff members, the ethics committee found. On separate occasions, Mr.

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King held two meetings at his home where he demanded to know which staff members were cooperating with the various investigations he was facing. When some staff members admitted that they had spoken with investigators, Mr. King retaliated, the report says. In July, he sent one staff member home and ordered that individual to wait for a call before returning to work.

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In August, when the ethics committee voted to open a disciplinary matter against Mr. I'm going to continue to do whatever my job allows me to do. I'm still going to speak out for the people. When I come down here, I'll vote how I have to vote. I will still do my job," King told reporters after the vote. Until a judge hears his argument, the council expects to move forward with its disciplinary action. It's not clear if King will face criminal charges.

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