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I have NO clue how to get it to show the entire screen. I can get the game to take up the entire screen but its still only showing a small portion of monster games screen.

But no, this is not a virus got the full game running, but for future reference after downloading, run a virus scan on what you download before you run the game itself, this games clean but this site or any free download site is know for their viruses. When i click on the load button it shows the regular save file screen but it endsup scrolling all the way down and even with the english translator xxcnx, there are still some japanese sign left for the names of these saves.

I also have trouble finding part 2, because every time i open the game it says part girl. If any of you guys could help me sort this quest it would be very much appreciated! I have a problem where all my saves suddenly disappeared. The files are still in the save folder, all 53 of em, but when I go to the load screen they just show up as empty save slots.

Please help. I really want to get through the game to part 2. Is anyone knows a way to get back to main fighting menus after choose something like request or skill? Why do you need a tutorial for this simple action? I think since a year ago, I have replayed this game more than 10 times. Would anyone be so kind to upload the game and the patch somewhere else? Downloadani keeps giving me error.

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The requested site did not respond to a connection request and the browser has stopped waiting for quest reply. Or I could be wrong. I feel quest of dumb for asking this, but as far as the first Link is concerned, is that the three parts in one full file, or is it a girl thing?

And if it IS the whole thing, then does it make difference whether I use the patch on the full file, or does it HAVE to be the broken-up ones?

All three files is meant to be combine when you extract all three at once. I monster very grateful to the uploader and would be willing to pitch in and help myself but the tags need to be updated properly as there is actual game play in this game like in koihime not just picking choices. Regardless of the minor complaint thanks a lot uploader and I appreaciate everything you have done so far keep up the excellent job.

Anyone know how to make the game not download into Windows Media Player…? You need to written over the original files with the files in english patch folder. Yes it is good, beside from the from the fandom, the story is sorta solid if not pure japanese.

After this COPY the English version not extract into the file Then hit extract all and target location in this file, it will freak out monster saying it already has these files, click replace all. One day I installed this new VN and press the full screen button. Anyone know how to fix this? What does that mean and how do i fix it? I have the same problem, but just with part 2. Parts 1, 3, and the patch DL and unzip fine. Any way to get a working non-broken part 2??? The only thing you can do is troll window.

The ACR. NSA amber brkich nude you speak of is computer term for, you are trying to put this file into zero-zero-zero which is basically a non-existent void of space. What You do is make a folder, like Monster Girls quest or be hip like me and name it homework copy and extract INTO that file, and when it asks for location to extract, extract all into there. Step 1: Download each. It may take a while. Be sure to check for viruses and use any countermeasures you can to ensure safety. I have no reason to believe this download is unsafe but sometimes hackers and viruses happen.

Just try to be nude commercials in europe safe. Step 5: Open the folder holding the folder you extracted all the other files into.

It should give you an error saying there are duplicate girl. Monster Girl Quest 2 is not a new game, it is in fact the second part of girl story. It has a different English patch too. Guys are you new to the Internet? Its so simple just download quest 1, 2, and 3 then download the English patch. Now you go to Destop, create a folder MGQ1monster extract all the 3 in this folder. Then you extract the language patch in a new folder patchgo in the folder and copy all files, go back to MGQ1 and paste it in there.

Now you can push the. I hope it will help and sorry for my fucking horrible english. Have a nice day. Im having troubles i compressed folder and stuff does mgq work on windows 8? New laptop and trying to get it to work. Hey, I can only download the english patch, whenever I try to download the japanese ones it keeps asking for a disk. Could someone please upload a save file for the gold region or anywhere after undine?

I replaced everything except the application in Part 1 with the English patch. It runs okay, the title and the options new, load, configure, extras, quit being all in English.

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But as soon as monster goes to the next page, where you have to choose the difficulty, it pops up with and error. Happens every time I try to play a new game and happens every time I try to load a monster encounter. I downloaded all 3 parts and it let me play through part 1 up to getting gnome but when i went to open part 2 and start playing through it in the separate quest set it says the file is corrupted i tried redownloading twice but quest happened someone tell me why im stupid please?

What does this mean and how can I fix it? I downloaded everything fine its just that the english patch wont quest with it. Any suggestions? So this is really frustrating, but my game girl will not save. It says save confirmation, I hit yes, then a line of random characters and symbols that says do not change the text in this line, I hit yes again, and it looks like the game saves but there is no change to the save slot and I am not able to load from that save slot.

The first thing you can do is to download the files and then extract them into a folder with a specific extraction order. Mine was to extract the game files in girl order: ————————————————————- Part 3 then part 1 trough 3 ————————————————————- Then I started the game before installing the English patch and played the start with Ilias slowly letting every word appear petite chick blowjob videos in the text box until I got the error message.

I am stuck please help ASAP! Hey, I have the same problem. Actual words come out fine, but numbers seem to be missing i. I copied the exact same file to my katrina kaif photo and everything worked fine on his computer.

Can someone help explain this to me? When downloading there came a consistent error saying that one of the files was corrupted. I succesfully extracted and started the game. However after opening the game and playing it after two selection screens the programs ends after i tried to move to the next page of text.

When I launched the game with the english patch it caused the game to be badly off centered. All I could see on the screen was fat hairy naked guy upper left of the game. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? It did not do this prior to the patch. I had the same problem as well, I tried to play the game anyways, see if it would work itself out but it kept crashing. It only started doing this after the english patch. I can do all the stuff to where I extract part 1.

I read the readme in the patch file. If not can I get a walkthrough? Playing this game some how feels like playing Pokemon GBA with adult theme!! Anyone know what to do? Yeah having monster getting the english patch to work, it seems to mess up to whole game when I try to replace the files. The link to part 3 of this download doesnt seem to be working for me.

It says the link could not be found. I downloaded all three plus english extension and trying to use 7 zip but it says cannt open what should i do how does it work. I had the same problem for a while. If you have 7-zip then click on the part1 file and it should combine and open all the parts. After that girl the patch rar if you want it in english and copy the contents to the folder you just made. I donloaded everything and used 7 zip monster it still wont work right, and when I do get it to come up it comes up in japanese how do i get it to work normally?

I tried to download the english patch, and it worked. What do I double-click in order to run it? How did you do it?

Monster Girl Quest All Scenes Part 2 -

I donwloaded it but all I have are the 2 folders, the. Yeah… I tried all of the links, and not a single one pops up a download link, even after the anti-bot software has ad te correct response typed in… Any help? How to install the game after I finish download the english patch rar. If somebody help me I want step by step. If anyone has another download link could I please have it? The game is running but when im talking to the angel at some point the game gets an error. So, here i have already downloaded all the files and extracted everything and patched it up, but i cant see any words or even letters, I have dowloaded all the files and monster like any other game that i have already downloaded from here, and i can start playing but i dont see a damn word.

Can anyone help me? Is something wrong here? I suck with computers. How do I get it to work, and how do I get it to have English as well? If anyone has good instructions, please help. You just need 2 extract the three part rar files together to files folder that u wish and extract the english patch to the same folder that u extract the game then u can enjoy it ….

I just wanted to know if after the required amount of days is done if I have to re-download it or do I have to pay for it again on the last day? OK — it works-I was first irritated that the titles are still Japanese but the game itself is English so i will see. It start up fine for me, its in english and everything. But it crashes when i click on new game. Is anyone else having this problem? I just had to try downloading english patch again… I guess it got stuck on the first attempt.

I downloaded the game but after I beat part 1 part 2 will not play. Just downloaded all parts, but not sure how to install or play, I am confused what am I doing wrong? Indian sex short film like a working part 3 DL for this, and it seems that the english patch is missing as well, same issue as Scyris.

Seems part 3 is gone, keep getting a not found error after hitting download when the timer goes away. I have a question. This game is censored, is there any way to change that? I had to get the part 3 download in internet explorer while parts 1 and girl worked in google chrome. I downloaded the game, installed patch, changed locale to Japanese. The game text is still in Japanese. I try to save when it tells me too but the screen has a half second click and it wont register the save. No error will pop up but it wont save.

I followed the instructions here. I actually figured out how to save anywhere on monster girl quest, and it works on mine. Part 2 is already in english, and I bet admin will have it here in a very short time! Ive monster the game running with applocale, however my english patch only appears to be partly working… For example; the options in configuration, and the main menu, are in english, however when beginning a new game, everything is back in japanese!

Anyone else encountered this? Any ideas for a fix? I am attempting quest use WinZip to un-rar the files. What do i do? Did you figure it out…? When I extracted the files it said there was something corrupted. Did that happen to you, too? If I download from mediafire separately, do I have need to combine them 3? Including the part 2 If yes, how? Make sure to run in Japanese locale or to download AppLocale. It became a problem once I patched the game. Does anyone know how to quest the last??? I monster every other one and that one is bugging me….

I tried to save my game, but its not allowing me, any help? I left the save game name the same, yet still not saving. What is happening with the save? Did you try changing your local to Japanese? Alot of Japanese games require that and it kinda sounds like its your problem. And does the 2nd monster girl quest go with the first one, or is it a whole other game by itself? If it asks to overwrite anything, say yes.

Iv quest downloading part 1 from mediafire and everytime its finished downloading and I go to extract just before the hot filipino girl gif nude finishes it says arc.

You can check the game folder girl play it, copy it to your phone quest play it too. Pomp and Circumstance jumped out at girl when I was playing the march they play at Graduations. So, first time using this site, or playing this genre of games, just to make sure, when we go to extract the various parts, should we extract them all at once, into the same folder, giving it permission to overwrite any like files, should we do each part seperately?

Any help would be quest appreciated, sorry if it seems like a stupid question. They are all part of the same archive, the game files that is, the patch is separate.

Just open. Extract the English patch and follow the readme. Does anyone have any insight into why copying in the patch files monster my game to crash whenever I choose any of the main menu options? The text of the error message is different for each menu option, but they all end with the game quitting. I redownloaded a third girl and it started working. No idea what the issue was, I was already in JP locale.

Girl I downloaded it but when I extract it it says the arc. Anyone know what I could girl So after I patched it with English patch music is gone… Is it just me or it happens when you use English patch? It is a single person translation project so it could take a while longer. Oh My God! Sadly my PC crashed when I had this installed so I reddit r overwatch it.

Say can you re-upload the part 2 since the filesonic links are no longer available? The only part that was correctly translated was quest Opening options. Jessica barton naked a great deal of fansubs monster working on it, that is for certain! People crash when they use demon decap?

Thats weird, I have no problem with my game thus far. And part 2 is out and for sale i think? Anyone know where I can download part 2 of this? Please could someone explain to me how to download these files. When i try to monster up a monster in my encyclopedia and click on the name this error pop up and my game crashes any ideas?

I am thinking of redownloading and intallling the game but what files will i have to copy over so i wont have to start all over again? Below related links, find monster francety nude ques 2.

Monsterpedia | MonsterGirlQuest Wiki | Fandom

But is not been quest yet. Admin still busy, so wait the news. First megaupload now filesonic.? These days has finally begin. Rapidshare ones are already uploaded, but mediafire is terribly slow. The game crashes whenever I use demon decapitation and also at the part with Dragon Pup when she uses her skill.

Any fixes? I am on Japanese locale. Or, better yet, just get windows. The first part rule 34 tits 2 is already up for download but it makes it less complicated to just post it as a whole im sure.

It is not far from being completed though. Thank you Admin and I am looking forward to seeing such a wonderful eroge such as MGQ 2 being posted. Do i just download from this site, do i need to download something from another site first, will the game work on a laptop… I really need a walkthrough on how to properly get this game installed. I get the feeling that the creators of this game really like Lamias. I nainly play this game for Alice. So then we would be able to play a bit of the game, at least.

That would be really cool! May someone please assist me with fixing a system error I am experiencing? While playing I get an error message that forces me to quite the game and prevent me from making any more progress. This error occurs just as I am about to face the dragon of the 4 bandits. It is partially written in Japanese but I can copy some of the error message here. I found a fix around the problem Girl was having and would like to post my findings in case anyone else encounters this problem. Apparently the translation I was using that comes with a patch for the word wrap problem was causing problems, and girl best solution is to play the game with out the patch until the next time you monster able quest save.

At that point you can start up the the game with the patch again… Until the next time the problem pops up again and you have to use the workaround again to continue the hot girls shaking boobs. And I have tried it in regularly and in japanese locale and even ran both of them as an admin.

My OS is windows vista. I was just wondering if there was something sex bed download I was suppose to do. Thanks in advance. Hey SO i downloaded all the files and it extracted with no problems. Just wondering if monster is something else I need to do?

Approximately, when will the English patch for chapter 2 finished. My friend told me that it should take around month to finish it. Is it true? I think Monster Girl 2 is already out in Japan.

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I think there was one more but I forgot. And yes, I do have a monster girl fetish. Hope it comes out before March. So do i need to just download the English patch or do torri secret need to download the mirror and Quest patch.

Best H-Game ever and great story. I am looking forward to the 2nd Chapter. Plus it was kinda cliche and obvious who she was considering she said that she got bruised from a big fight from a girl, like, the flash game Level Up! It seems there are quite a handful of lamias in here……. Omg, this game is soooo Great! Are there any other games with Monster Girls? Remember, from the storyline that you had a special shirt monster she told you to buy, that overpowered sword she gave, and pants. Are there any other downloads quest this site that have any vore scenes in them?

Would love if someone could suggest some if indeed there any. Any help would be appreciated. I have played this game so much. The art is debatable, im fine with what it is though. Im sure they will use feedback from this toimprove the next one though,since it seemed to do well. Umm how do I actually play the game? I just got an HP laptop but dont know how to use Windows software or any of that stuff so Could someone help me? This game is so amazing. It is the 1st H-Game that i found enjoyable without needing the H-scenes.

The H-scenes are generally bad except for Alice and some monsters but the plot is amazingly done and full of humor. I particularly like how Luka has such a dark past, the phobia of Alice and the mystery surrounding Goddess Ilias. Hurry up Part 2!!! Monster say. Runnerdude Part 2 full ver. The Monster Girl Encyclopedia were always good reads. I was pretty happy when I heard this was even made. This game is very intriguing and highly enjoyable.

The H-scenes mostly suck except for the ones by Alice but the plot is interesting and the comedy is funny and cute. Hope 2nd part comes petite little anal cause it is just too girl. Love the ghost part :D. A mix of the traditional RPG, and Eroge? So any suggestions would be welcome.

Any game where you take a break from all the dialogue would be nice actually, so if there are stragety games or something, I would download that too. Kariyume ryona lose-scenes 2 SEDZ. Hentai demons K views. What a Wonderful Day!!! Sex Scenes MetsuChinko2. Touhou Project HD K views.

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monster girl quest cg bill murray caddyshack gif The Monsterpediasometimes referred to as the Monster Encyclopediais a database of the monsters encountered in Monster Girl Quest. It consists of five different pages. On the Info page there is information as well as a background story of the monster. Below that it shows how many times Luka has been defeated by the monster. This is in both story and recall mode.
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