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‘Pharma Bro’s’ steamy emails with gay investor read in court

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“Pharma Bro” Played Up LGBTQ Donation at Sentencing | Gay City News

Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. Martin Shkreli is accused of ripping off the drug company he founded to repay allegedly defrauded hedge-fund investors.

An investor said he asked Shkreli if he was physically attracted to him after Shkreli made a number of suggestive comments. Shkreli later allegedly asked the investor to shkreli his "wingman" when meeting women. VIDEO gay A Martin Shkreli hedge fund bank account had 'negative 33 cents' in it when he was claiming tens of millions in assets under management.

He hiked the price of HIV medication by 5,000%

The Bottom Line. Martin Shkreli worker called him 'mentally unstable,' and a 'scam artist' as she threatened to expose his lies to investors. Related Tags. Trending Now.

'Pharma bro' Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years, then cries in court

The fastest-growing debt category shkreli U. Shkreli may have made the donations to play on the emotions of one of his investors. During trial testimony, Steven Richardson, who is gay and chaired the board of a failed Shkreli venture, testified that Shkreli made comments about seducing men during conversations.

He stopped only after Richardson gay him about the comments.

Watch: Shkreli employee calls him 'mentally unstable'

And he molded himself accordingly to deceive and defraud. Stay in touch with your community. Subscribe to our free newsletter:. Email address. Zip code.